Builders Clean-Ups by JGS Cleaning Services

Builders Clean-Ups
Cleaning Services by JGS will ensure your house or business is ready for you. There is nothing worse than having a new or renovated property to move in and on the day that you are ready to take the keys it still looks like a construction site. There is lots of dust and dirt everywhere and the place really just needs a good clean for you to move in.

Cleaning Services by JGS will help make life easier for new tenants or businesses when they take over their new commercial or industrial business or house or unit. We make the stressful process of moving easier by ensuring the property is clean and all rubbish and dust removed before you move in.

Renovators can also take us on to clean up after them. There is always some mess left behind and while you celebrate your new creation we can clean up giving you some time off to enjoy that special moment. You will see your finished project come to life with the help of Cleaning Services by JGS.

Builders Clean-Ups Include the following:

  • Dusting Services
  • Bathroom and Shower Cleaning
  • Removing Paint Spots
  • Window and Windowsill Cleaning
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Mopping & Washing Floors
  • Post Construction Cleaning
Builders Clean-Ups