Commercial Cleaning

Commercial Cleaning Services by JGS

We are here to help you keep your business and commercial premises clean tidy all year round.

You can rely on John Kelly from the JGS & PGS Group and his team to ensure that your cleans always happen at a time that suits you. We understand how busy you are and we will do the hard work of keeping your premises clean allowing you to focus on your clients and customers.

Using Cleaning Services by JGS means you will recieve a professional and reliable provider of commercial, business and office cleans. We will even provide a tidy up of the property if required including the gardens and pathways

Listed below are the areas we clean to the JGS & PGS Group high standard.

  • All office areas
  • Meeting Rooms & Reception areas
  • Corridors & Hallways
  • Kitchen and Lunch Rooms
  • Toilets and Bathrooms
  • Outdoor areas including courtyards and gardens
  • Rubbish Removal if required

Here is a list of the cleaning services we provide at the highest standards possible. Please remember some of these items may not require attention every time we clean but will be rotated or provided if required at that time.

  • Dust foyer and entrance way furniture, fittings, and walls.

    Damp wipe desks and working surfaces, wipe clean light switches, dust ledges and skirting, dust all furniture and fittings.

    Spot clean walls, partition glass and doors and metal works.

    Dust door jambs and behind doors.

  • Clean glass doors, windows and frames
  • Vacuum foyer / entrance way carpets, corners and edges and entire floor and carpet areas
  • Sweep and wash exterior entry and high pressure clean steps or walk ways if requested
  • Cleanliness in the kitchen area is paramount. We will sweep and wash the floors, clean the taps and fittings, clean the sinks, bench tops and tiled surrounds.

    We will spot clean the walls, doors and cupboard doors and the fridge handle and doors.

    We will wash up any crockery or cutlery if requested.

  • Empty all the bins into the dumper / or skip bin.

    We will replace the bin liners and remove empty cardboard boxes

    If requested rubbish can be picked up and removed from the external part of the business

  • Toilets and amenities will be cleaned and includes sweep and wash the floors, clean and disinfect basins and fittings.

    Clean and disinfect the pans, seats and urinals. spot clean mirrors and dust cubicle partition taps and remove marks from doors and walls.

    Replenish toilet requisites.

Cleaning in progress - safety first
Window and commercial cleaning

All our cleaning services can be adapted to suit your business.